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ADHOC.SUPPORT: Request to change my data

I,  , by accepting this declaration, voluntarily and expressly consent to the transfer and processing of my personal data and sensitive data, which I provide to ADHOC.SUPPORT - WebshopCompany LTD UK, for the purposes of operating a consumer advocacy community and a commercial analytics system established in cooperation with ADHOC.SUPPORT - WebshopCompany LTD UK, in accordance with the Law on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information. The ADHOC.SUPPORT lobbying community is WebshopCompany LTD UK (company number 08595221) registered and incorporated in England and Wales.


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By accepting this declaration, I acknowledge that ADHOC.SUPPORT - WebshopCompany LTD UK - will process, transfer and use the personal data and any sensitive data I provide for the purposes of contacting me and providing me with commercial, consumer assistance, advice and advocacy services I request.

I acknowledge that ADHOC.SUPPORT - WebshopCompany LTD UK- all employees, in particular, but not limited to the Managing Director, the Legal Director, the regional managers and staff of the advocacy community, including in cooperation with contracted partner law firms, will personally assist in the processing, transfer and handling of my personal data and sensitive data, who are involved in contacting me and providing the commercial assistance, advice and advocacy community representation that I request.

I acknowledge that the ADHOC.SUPPORT advocacy community (WebshopCompany Ltd UK) will only transfer or disclose my personal data or sensitive data if I have given my prior express written consent. This also applies to the transfer of personal or sensitive data to public authorities, public prosecutors, courts or other public bodies, the press or third parties. In such cases, my express written consent is required.

I acknowledge that ADHOC.SUPPORT may use a lawyer for the work of the ADHOC.SUPPORT advocacy community by means of a power of attorney granted under the provisions of the Civil Procedure Act. I acknowledge that ADHOC.SUPPORT, for the purpose of authorising a lawyer, will only provide my personal data and specific data to the lawyer with my prior written consent.

I acknowledge that ADHOC.SUPPORT will use my personal and sensitive data provided by me in a non-personally identifiable manner for the purposes of analysing complaints and mass complaints, for press coverage and for statistical reporting. I acknowledge that, upon my explicit request, ADHOC.SUPPORT (WebshopCompany LTD UK) will present my complaint or commercial objection to the press using the so-called fantasy name.

I acknowledge that I may request information on the processing of my personal data and special categories of data, as well as their rectification, modification or erasure, on the basis of other legal provisions on data processing.

I acknowledge that ADHOC.SUPPORT (WebshopCompany LTD UK) will, upon my request, provide me with information about my personal and specific data processed by it, the purpose, legal basis and duration of the processing, the name, address (registered office) and activities of the data processor, as well as who receives or has received these data and for what purposes.

ADHOC.SUPPORT shall provide the requested information in writing and in an intelligible form within the shortest possible time from the receipt of my request, but not later than 30 days.

I acknowledge that I may lodge a complaint about the processing, processing and transfer of my personal data or sensitive data with the UK National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority or take my complaint to a court in the UK.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for the accuracy and lawfulness of any third-party personal data or special data that I provide to ADHOC.SUPPORT (WebshopCompany LTD UK) and for the lawfulness of my obtaining it.

The accurate provision of personal data ensures the authenticity of mass advocacy following the submission of complaints. Please only provide your own personal data that can be used to trace and validate your declaration, otherwise you will compromise the credibility of the advocacy. The strength of the community is that we use real data, real complaints, to take meaningful action against those who harm the commercial interests of our community members. Thank you!


I, the undersigned,   , declare that I have shared information from a true, authentic and legitimate source with the ADHOC.SUPPORT (WebshopCompany LTD UK) team and third parties. I also authorise the use of this data in the form agreed with me or submitted by me elsewhere in the course of submitting my personal interests or in the course of community advocacy, as indicated above.

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Signed by Geza Koczian (on behalf of WebshopCompany Ltd UK)
Signed On: 07/03/2024

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