Our Story

After nearly 30 years of experience, we started to consciously address commercial complaints handling and consumer disputes in 2013, gaining new experience through peer-to-peer cases.

We quickly realised that there was a demand for our work in the consumer market and that the experience we gained in handling complaints and claims was of commercial value. We were approached first by friends, then by their friends, to handle small and then larger consumer complaints. Slowly we got to the point where small cases were taking up too much of our time and costing us disproportionately and we burned out.

We had to wake up to the fact that progress could only be made if we created standard solutions and consolidated our accumulated experience. Once we had developed standards, we were able to help solve small cases mechanically as well as larger or more complex ones.

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By 2019, we have reached a solution where we have developed the technology to operate from our own resources and standards, with our own lawyer co-operators, and with enthusiastic and self-taught co-operators willing to learn. The solution is the way we can now handle consumer and commercial complaints, forming a community, and seeing the interests of others together, but with solutions coordinated by ourselves. Our planned launch in 2020 was halted by the pandemic and priority was given to coordinating the lives of our families. Today we still prioritise family and our children, so we have had time to rethink the steps of the launch.

Our team includes software development dads with families, professors teaching at universities, and internationally renowned professionals lecturing in the commercial field, volunteers, community builders, educational professionals and all those who want to help and improve the lives of others.

We will ensure the development of our community by progressing on the path built on ambition and humble work towards our good and useful goals. We believe anyone can be part of our success. All it takes is the will to build and to work hard, with perseverance and humility, for the success of others.

In July 2022, when our Adhoc.Support solution starts working in several countries, we have a number of advocacy solutions behind us that are unique and unknown solutions, quasi-reform solutions. A system of inbound and communicated data managed exclusively in writing, with digital data tagging, labelling, identification, and security, will acquire new and new analytical and data management priorities flexibly as it grows.

Our community’s slogan is “You are not alone”, a team with a solid IT background, unique developments, public solutions and a range of big data solutions, will soon provide millions of customers around the world with competitive services and community advocacy solutions.

As a result of our development and the growth of our team and community, in early 2022 we started to build our own data centre, including a customised analysis centre, with research collaborations with universities in several countries open to the concept.

We believe that, in addition to consumer rights, and manufacturer responsibility, the sometimes hectic administration of complaints handling requires logical, international database-based and analysable complaints handling, followed by data retrieval through big-data data analysis and community quality and product monitoring.

All of us, together! Because, as our slogan says: “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”


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