Adhoc.Support offers a community advocacy platform that provides collective power to consumers dealing with product or service complaints. By joining forces with others who share similar experiences and goals, we can amplify our voices and create more impactful solutions. Our custom-built IT systems work for you or with you, for others, providing access to valuable information and resources to make informed decisions before making a purchase. We specialize in handling mass consumer complaints and aim to empower consumers to make the best purchasing decisions. Join the Adhoc.Support consumer community today and experience the power of collective action!


Complaining is often a lonely task, but working together with others makes it less hopeless. In dealing with complaints, we are faced with many unresolved situations and it is certain that arguing with others, and dealing with issues effectively, is for many of us a task outside our comfort zone. If only there were someone who could argue with us and for us, and we could use their experience: that’s what the Adhoc.Support advocacy community of collective power is for.

Do you like our community? Would you like to support? Has our solution made your life better? Did we put a smile on your face? Don’t hesitate: support our work by contributing to our success and enjoy the benefits of our global advocacy community. People like to do good, to be good and to be in a group of good people. It is a community. The power of community lies in coming together. Support is one of the ways of joining forces. Come and join us!

For many, complaining, arguing, making a complaint, is outside their comfort zone. The strength of our community is that when a consumer complaint comes up, we can learn about many solutions that have already been put in place, from the experience of others or from cases that have been resolved by the community.

That’s what the Adhoc.Support community is good at! One complaint, instead of one case, one complainant, another complainant, then a third complainant and finally hundreds of complainants. Suddenly, the manufacturer is in trouble. While you’ve just filed a product quality complaint online using our community’s dedicated form, we then process it, link it to other cases, analyse it and see what we can achieve together, collectively!